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Looking for a legal professional to help get the law on your side? Find a local attorney with a reputation for honest, reliable legal assistance. Charles Kim Smith Attorney at Law is a local legal practice that offers help to those in the local community. This family-owned and operated firm is based out of Petersburg, Illinois and provides services to all surrounding counties. Charles has been practicing in the State of Illinois since 1979, and his experience covers multiple areas of the law. From family troubles to corporate law, you can count on Charles’ detail-oriented approach. Call when you have legal questions and see why people all over trust him as their lawyer!

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About Charles Kim Smith Attorney at Law

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People in Petersburg, and throughout the surrounding areas, know they can count on Charles for sound legal advice that helps in all sorts of situations. He’ll be sure to sit down with you, in-person, and discuss the nature of your legal problems. You can bet that he’ll get all the important details and ensure that no stone goes unturned when searching for helpful information. Charles can help in multiple legal disciplines including family law, real estate law, corporate and business law and performs in trials, litigation, and mediation. Furthermore, he can provide estate planning, wills, probate administration, and trusts. Whether you’re going through a messy divorce or need help planning the allocation of your estate; Charles is the Attorney for you!

Charles proudly services Petersburg, Menard County, Sangamon County, and Mason County in Illinois. He’s available only by appointment to ensure that his clients get his undivided attention. He’s a practicing member of the Illinois Bar Association and is reachable between the hours of 8:30 am – 5 pm. Don’t let legal troubles get you down anymore; retain Charles Kim Smith as your attorney for the quality representation you deserve!

Charles Kim Smith is a local legal professional that is based in Petersburg, Illinois. He provides legal assistance to people in Petersburg, as well as Menard County, Sangamon County, Mason County, and Logan County in Illinois. Charles has been providing honest, dedicated, and determined legal advice to his local communities since 1979. He brings a detail-oriented, results-driven approach that provides clients with legal representation that they can be proud of. He practices family law, business law, real estate law, and offers estate planning services. Specifically, he deals with issues of divorce, separation, custody, child support alimony, paternity, adoption, guardianship, real estate closings, zoning, mortgages, leasing, landlord and tenant issues, backed taxes, banking and lending, debt collection, estate planning, wills, probate administration, trusts, and more. Call Charles for professional legal advice and put the law on your side!

We also provide service in Havana IL, Springfield IL, and the surrounding communities.

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